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This journal is friends only. That means you have to be on my friends list to be able to see my entries. If you want to be added please leave a comment. I am very irregular at checking my livejournal, so please don't be too offended if I take a while to add you in return. I'd quite like people with the same interests as me on my friends list. I'm not particularly interesting, but I'm a nice person who will never leave a sour comment or hurt someone's feelings.

In my journal, I write about: My everyday life, friends, sex, my problems, my family, things that have happened in the past and my hopes for the future. This is my journal, my place to write down all the things that make me happy.. and the things that make me sad.. and that is how it will always be.

I've changed it about 10 times now hehe, but whichever you thought was cute, thanks :)

Hi ^^
I saw you on the elves community (so this isn't a totally random stalkerish comment!) and after reading your user info, I thought I'd say hello since we have quite a few things in common including the Happy Fun Disease of Joy (which has also done wonders for my mental wellbeing =/)

Mind if I add you?

Oopps half of my other comment got deleted O.o

I'm sorry you have the stupid illness too :(

I'll add you back :)

Hey, I'd love to be added if you don't mind! :)

Wouldn't mind being able to see all your posts, adult or otherwise. :D

I would love to see some more of your hentai icons. Please add me if you could! :D

All my hentai icons are public, but I shall add you anyway! Always good to have new friends :D

I saw your icons in one of the community I am member at and I like your icons.
I also don't mind reading your moans and groans about your illness.
Added you, may I be added back?

You certainly can!

Cute icon :3 I took it to use on my msn :D

Added you, hope you don't mind. I don't mind which list you add me to, I'm not hugely commenty but there are worse things...right? Haha.

Hehe, I added you back :3

can I be added to your friends list please?

Sure :) would you like to be kept off or put on my adult entries filter?

Heyyy. I'd love to be friended. ^_^ Noticed you're into MMORPGs, by any chance.. Do you play Conquer Online?

I don't! I'm a WoW girl :3 *adds*

Hey, I ran into you through some hentai community and really liked your icons. Could I be added?


its beccie from ayme, fancy adding me?


Hello. :) I'm from AYME, would you mind adding me? I'd like to see your entries, adult or otherwise if that's okay.

Hiya, of course I woulden't mind adding you, *adds* :)


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