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My Icons

60 Nyanmilla icons

Credit me and the artist, don't direct link!
You can use these as bases!
Comments are nice too :)!


I also make hentai icons

You can find all my hentai icons in my Livejournal scrapbook.

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taking a few, might add borders. ^.^ thank you!!!

Taking a myew..err..few...^_^


Hi , umm, I'm Taryn, though you can call me Ryn. I'm a 12-year-old clockwork girl whose body unfortunately is 23 ><; Anyway, I saw your post on hentai_bliss and found we share a lot of interests so I added you ^^ Umm, hope to talk to you soon ^^


That story you linked to is SO COOL! i love it!!!

I have always had a thing for robots and robot stories (and robot girls especially)! Thank you so much for that, i loved every word of it!

Hi ^^ It's scattermew...I added you to my main journal porcelaingirl as well as my new journal (lj user=_dollspace_> ^^ I hope to see you `round :)


Snagging a whole bunch, and I will be crediting you because they really are beautiful icons. Great work!

Grabbed a whole bunch for future use, will credit when used. These are wonderful!

These I icons are great...I'm going take most of them as I trying to use 'em as my 'moods'. Will credit ya when I get the chance to use.

omg some of those icons are soooo purdy! *_* taking: (big list now :P)

"Little Paw" felicia icon <3
"foxy girl"
"kitty lick"
"personal pet"
and "innocent"

*deep breath"

And would you mind awfully if I friended you? You just seem a really nice person and we have a fair bit in common (judging by the interest list even if some things are worded differently) and you do fab icons

So pretty please can I add you? *does cute kitty face* =^o^=

Of course you can I love new friends :3


yay! ^_^

(I'd like to see your 'adult' posts if thats ok ;) sorry forgot to say in the last post) my lj's in a bit of a state right now since im in the middle of swapping lj's but it'll all get sorted out soon
(and yes I do some adult posts too ;)


Ooooo....Found this through neko_seppun. Very sexy and so many! I snagged a bunch of them to save, at a will use basis. Course I will credit you for such fine hentai work ^.^

Thank you!

took the glasses kitty as a base..will credit...wanna be friends?

i love ur icons snagged a bunch n may i add u as a friend we have alot in commen

Thanks :) I added you to my friends

Took kitttttt. Will credit. Thank you.

awesome! i took a few. ^_^

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